North Carolina Dance Ambassadors is a unique program that offers supplemental training opportunities to prepare young dancers for the performing arts industry.


Each year we select a talented group of dancers from across the state of North Carolina to make up our company of ambassadors.


These dancers receive access to all of our NCDA events plus the opportunity to win continuing education scholarships, build professional connections, and take their dance experience to the next level.

Apply now for our 2021-22 season!

The Program

Being an Ambassador

NC Dance Ambassadors

For dancers ages 11-18  | Audition or Invite required.

Being an ambassador provides the exciting opportunity to work with world-renowned faculty and talented dancers from studios across the state of North Carolina.


Throughout the year, our ambassadors participate in master classes, photoshoots, choreography workshops, a summer intensive, and more. Our program gives dancers the ability to train outside of their local studio without interfering with their current dance commitments. At the beginning of each season, dancers receive a calendar with all NCDA opportunities. Dancers are encouraged to make the most of their ambassador experience by attending as many events as their schedule allows.


This year, in addition to our main events, ambassadors will receive a CLI Studios membership, continuing education scholarship opportunities, and ongoing industry professional mentorship.


Being a part of the NCDA program provides dancers with an incredible community of like-minded students and a network of teachers who strive to support each individual every step of the way.

Tuition Fees: $850/annually

  • Once accepted, there is a non-refundable $50 deposit to reserve your spot as an ambassador.

  • The remainder of the tuition is split into two payments, due before our opening event (October 2021). 

  • Tuition is paid annually; there are no other hidden fees. 


Program Events

Dancers are encouraged to make the most of their ambassador experience by attending as many events as their schedule allows.

October 23

Commercial Dance Intensive

Greensboro, NC, 10 am - 4 pm


November 14

I Am The Artist Workshop

Greensboro, NC, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm


January 9

CLI Studios LIVE

Greensboro, NC, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm


February 19

Broadway Bootcamp

Pittsboro, NC, time TBA


March 19 or 26

NCDA Photoshoot + Masterclasses

Greensboro, NC, time TBA


April 2 or 23

Dance on Film Workshop

Pittsboro, NC, time TBA


June 25

NCDA Summer Workshop

Pittsboro, NC, time TBA


July 23

NCDA Summer Workshop

Pittsboro, NC, time TBA

Strengthen Skills

  • Master Classes at the American Dance Festival Studios

  • CLI Studios LIVE - An intimate workshop with a world-renowned CLI choreographer

  • Broadway Bootcamp

  • NCDA Summer Intensive & Showcase

Explore Creativity

  • I AM THE ARTIST - The young choreographer’s workshop  

  • NCDA Photography Sessions

  • Unlimited online classes and Q&As with CLI Studios

Build Connections + Earn Scholarships!

  • Expand your network of teachers, choreographers, and dance artists  

  • Build Meaningful relationships with other talented dancers  

  • NEW! Scholarship opportunities for graduating high school seniors currently enrolled in the NCDA program

who we work with



For parents we provide Q&A opportunities, online videos through CLI Studios, and a community of like-minded parents who are all striving to support their child in the field of dance. Need a little assistance navigating it all? We are here to help!


Guest Artists & Teachers

If you are interested in working with our ambassadors, please send your performance/teaching resume to us at along with a short description of the type of class/workshop you would like to offer. We provide our dancers with a variety of opportunities throughout the year and we are always looking to offer something new!